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In Defense of Mixing Vaccines: Thai Health Officials Make Their Case

By Silada Lydia Rojratanakiat To maximize the usefulness of every tool available for the pandemic response, Thailand is exploring the advantages of combining doses of...
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Thailand OKs Unproven, Dangerous Herbal Folk Remedy as Covid-19 Treatment

After failing to procure enough genuinely helpful coronavirus vaccines, the Thai government now is resorting to unproven, dangerous folk remedies to treat Covid-19.
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Coronavirus Fears Bleeding Thai Blood Banks Dry

The re-emergence of Covid-19 has put a strain on Thailand blood supplies as members of the public fearful of the coronavirus avoiding hospitals to...
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More Than 300 Cannabis Clinics Now Open in Thailand

More than 300 cannabis clinics have opened nationwide since the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes in Thailand About 70 percent of patients using the...
A distressed 15-year-old boy attempts suicide from Pattaya pedestrian bridge on Tuesday.

Thailand’s Failed Mental-Health System Lets Pattaya Boy Try 2nd Suicide in...

Dismissive police, untrained volunteers too often send suicidal Thais home while hospitals refuse to admit.
WHO visit to Samut Sakhon Provincial Public Health Office - 17th June 2020

800,000 Patients Transferred After NHSO Finds 63 Clinic Defrauded Gov’t

Health care is big business in Thailand, especially among dozens of medical centers defrauding the government’s national health insurance program. The National Health Security Office...
Thailand National Health Insurance to Cover Marijuana Extract

Thailand National Health Insurance to Cover Marijuana Extract

Thailand plans to include marijuana extract in its National List of Essential Medicines, giving users of the country’s national health insurance program free access...
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