Facebook Logo Broken

Facebook Apologizes for Auto-Translation That Insulted Thai Monarchy

Facebook on Thursday formally apologized to Thailand and news network ThaiPBS after its generally awful automatic translation function turned English text into words insulting...
American-Thai "life coach" Sean Buranahiran

American-Born Thai ‘Influencer’ Sheds 1.1 Million Fans Amid Fundraising-Fraud Accusations

Inspirational "life coach" Sean Buranahiran raised 875,000 baht for Chiang Mai firefighters but volunteer claims they never saw a satang of it
Yan Eric Marchal, 47, at the Sept. 19, 2020 pro-democracy protest in Bangkok. (Photo: Facebook)

Frenchman Sticks Nose Too Far Into Thai Politics, Threatened with Deportation

A French expat was threatened with deportation and told to delete several Facebook posts for sticking his nose too deeply into Thai politics. Yan Eric...
Access denied sign on laptop screen

Thailand Blocking 2,200 Pages, Websites Ahead of Bangkok Protests

Thailand’s internet censors are shifting into overdrive to block more than 2,200 websites, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds before this weekend’s massive anti-government protests...
Alcohol Marketing Ban Law Thailand

Thailand Anti-Alcohol Crusader Asks Why Singha VP’s Wife Not Fined for...

Distant royal relative and actress ML Piyapas Bhirombhakdi got a pass while ordinary drinkers are being hit 50,000-baht fines
Welcome to Thighland Map

Grab ’em by the Thigh: Trump’s ‘Thighland’ Flub Blows Up Twitter

Having just stumbled his way out of the forest in “Yo-Semite” National Park, U.S. President Donald Trump sent the internet into meltdown again after...
Access denied sign on laptop screen

PornHub Just the Start for Thai Internet Censors

209 sites blocked since Oct. 26 with thousands more in internet censors' crosshairs
THailand Online Gambling Casino Website

PM Orders 1,200+ Online Gambling Sites Blocked

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Monday ordered officials to block access to all online gambling sites, saying gambling has become a larger problem during...
A protestor holds a "Free PornHub" sign outside the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society in North Bangkok Nov. 3

#SavePornhub About More Than Titillation; It’s About Basic Freedom, Activists Say

Simpletons may call 'block' tempest in teacup, but they're missing the point

New ‘Treasure Trip’ App Maps Tourist Attractions Near BTS, MRT

The Culture Ministry on Monday launched a new mobile application to Bangkok tourists and residents learn about historical and culture sites in Thailand, especially...
Facebook Online Love Graphic

Lonely Widower Ghosted After Sending Facebook Lover 4 Million Baht

Ek, 56, never met 'Nong Chaeng', 32, but spent 2 years paying for supposed family funerals, land and legal problems before she disappered

Dashcam Video Catches Injury-Payout Scammer Jumping in Front of Car

A Hat Yai man who intentionally walked in front of a moving car had his dreams of a injury-compensation windfall thwarted by dashcam video. The...
Sean Buranahiran Facebook page

Thailand Tax Office Demands Records on How American-Thai Influencer Spent Charity...

Thailand’s top tax collector said Sunday an American-born Thai “life coach” accused of misappropriating 875,000 baht he collected for Chiang Mai firefighters must report...
Two popular, wise-cracking monks stand by House religions, arts and cultures committee members to accept their fate of being less funny.

Humorless MPs Tell Wise-Cracking Monks to Cut Livestream Humor 30%

Laughter may be the best medicine, but, in Thailand, it apparently has no place in religion. So says conservative zealots on the House religions, arts...
Access denied sign on laptop screen

Thailand ranks among worst violators of free speech online – Comparitech

Internet freedom in Thailand has eroded to a point where the country, once a bastion of comparative liberties in Southeast Asia, now ranks among...
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