While beer bars and brothels are open around Pattaya, the large go-go bars on Walking Street will remain closed after Jan. 16. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

‘Zero Chance’ Bars Reopen Jan. 16 as Thailand Begins to Shut...

Restrictions on bars and nightclubs won’t be lifted on Jan. 16 and, in fact, could go the other way, with alcohol again banned, as...
Wok Star Express Western Chinese Thai Food Bangkok Thailand

Wok Star Express’ Western Chinese Food Hits All the Right Notes

Entering a market already flush with western-style Chinese eateries, Wok Star Express’ founders needed more than some musical shtick to stand out. Fortunately for...
We Travel Together Campaign Website

Registration Now Open for Free Hotel Rooms, Flight Discounts

Online registration is now open for Thai nationals to apply for discounts on domestic trips under the government’s “We Travel Together” campaign. The scheme, which...

Bangkok to Renovate Khlong Chong Nonsi Into New Tourist Attraction

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is planning to expand and renovate the walkways by Khlong Chong Nonsi to develop the downtown canal into a new...
Pin31 Gallery Bangkok Cocktail Club Gallery

Visual-Tech Cocktail Bar Pin31 Opens Windows on the World

Club/Gallery opening July 9 maps worldscapes to its walls
Facebook Censorship

Exactly Where Does Facebook Think It Can Sue Thailand?

Analysis: The social network's lawsuit threat is a joke, and its critics know it
Northern Thailand Chiang Mai Mountain Fog Haze

‘Winter’ Is Here: Here’s Where to Go During Thailand’s Cool Season

Thailand’s cool season has officially begun, bringing a drop in temperatures to much of the country and lower humidity levels, making the months from...
Performance artists from Chiang Mai’s Lanyim Theater and Chiang Mai Performance Art Group stage their political art demonstration “Freedom” July 27. Photo: Will Langston for the Bangkok Herald.

Chiang Mai Performance Artists Demonstrate for ‘Freedom’

Chiang Mai – Instead of placards and protests, groups of performance artists in this northern city are taking to the streets with a simple...
THailand Online Gambling Casino Website

PM Orders 1,200+ Online Gambling Sites Blocked

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Monday ordered officials to block access to all online gambling sites, saying gambling has become a larger problem during...
Access denied sign on laptop screen

PornHub Just the Start for Thai Internet Censors

209 sites blocked since Oct. 26 with thousands more in internet censors' crosshairs
Inside the Sukhumvit Soi 7 beer bar complex, where only the Moonshine Pub has a restaurant license. How do the other bars operate? Sorry, dumb question. (Photo: Twitter)

Bangkok’s Dodgy Nightlife Scene Sees Shutdowns After Fueling Covid-19 Outbreak

As in Pattaya and elsewhere, Bangkok’s nightlife scene – driven by bars operating as “restaurants’ or through bribes to corrupt police – are driving...
The award-winning "Social Syndrome" is among the Thai dramas to be streamed by Netflix

Netflix to Stream 8 Thai Line TV Shows Across Asia

TV viewers across Asia can now Netfix and chill with a lineup of Thai television shows currently only available on Line TV. Line Corp. and...
A distressed 15-year-old boy attempts suicide from Pattaya pedestrian bridge on Tuesday.

Thailand’s Failed Mental-Health System Lets Pattaya Boy Try 2nd Suicide in...

Dismissive police, untrained volunteers too often send suicidal Thais home while hospitals refuse to admit.
Airliner coffee shop grounded after 1,000 crowd Chonburi runway

Airliner Coffee Shop Grounded After 1,000 Crowd Chonburi Runway

A commercial jet turned into a coffee shop that took off last week in Sattahip has been grounded police after 1,000 people crowded its...
Green Chiretta Indian Echinacea Bitter Stick Thailand Herbal Indian Remedy

Thailand OKs Unproven, Dangerous Herbal Folk Remedy as Covid-19 Treatment

After failing to procure enough genuinely helpful coronavirus vaccines, the Thai government now is resorting to unproven, dangerous folk remedies to treat Covid-19.
Thailand Plastic Waste Pollution Dump Landfill Recycle Ocean

Despite Horrendous Green Record, Thailand Cuts Environment Funding for ’21

A group of legislators from Thailand – among the world’s worst air and ocean polluters with a long track record of exploiting endangered wildlife...
Khaosan Road Bangkok Thailand Renovation Revamp Facelift Complete

Squeaky-Clean Khaosan Road Ready to Reopen in August

Old hippies whine that the backpacker strip has been sanitized of its soul.
Chiang Mai Night Safari Thailand

Chiang Mai Night Safari Reopens with Free Admission July 1-15

Chiang Mai Night Safari will open its gates to visitors free of charge July 1-15, but only 300 visitors at a time will be...
Naga Fireball Festival Thailand Khon Kaen

Naga Fireball Festival Lights Up Khon Kaen Sept. 29

Nong Khai will hold its annual Naga Fireball Festival Sept. 29-Oct. 5. Gov. Ronnachai Chitrawiset said Wednesday that the Buddhist Lent falls on Oct. 2,...
A protestor holds a "Free PornHub" sign outside the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society in North Bangkok Nov. 3

#SavePornhub About More Than Titillation; It’s About Basic Freedom, Activists Say

Simpletons may call 'block' tempest in teacup, but they're missing the point
The Kangaroo "restaurant" is open and serving booze despite bars supposedly being closed in Phuket.

Bars ‘Remain Closed’ in Phuket; Don’t Tell Bangla Road

You wouldn’t know it from Bangla Road, but bars technically remain closed in Phuket. The central government claimed Monday that Phuket Province has been maintaining...
Thai League 1 Football Thailand

Thai League to Reopen with Fans in Stands

CCSA panel OKs fans for all sports events, entry for Chinese fruit traders, but rejects later bar hours

Plant a Tree in Thailand From Your Phone

Too lazy to pick up a shovel and get your hands dirty? Locked out of Thailand but love the Land of Smiles? Now you...

Bangkok to Detail PM 2.5 Battle Plan Next Week

Bangkok City Hall will announce its plan to tackle fine-dust pollution next week and will implement it on Dec. 1. Gov. Aswin Kwanmuang said Friday...
Thonpat Onlamai, 41, is inspiring both shrieks and laughs from Grab Food customers by donning a “Predator” mask when he makes deliveries.

Pattaya Grab Food Driver’s ‘Predator’ Mask Inspires Shrieks, Laughs … &...

A Pattaya food deliveryman has found a unique way to generate tips: Showing up at people’s doors wearing an alien mask. Thonpat Onlamai, 41, is...
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