Children playing outside bars filled with sex workers are not uncommon in Pattaya. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

Pattaya Granddaughter Sold for Sex to Pay Gambling Debt Forces Reckoning...

Once common, practice of trafficking daughters into sex trade lingers among Thailand's poor

Photo View: Repairs Underway on Storm-Ravaged Pattaya Beaches

Repairs are underway on Pattaya’s beaches after the city was hit with some of the worst flooding of the rainy season over...
Sirawit “Ja Niew” Serithiwat, center, and other members of the New Democracy Group leave the Pattaya Provincial Court following their acquittal. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission)

2 Years Later, Democracy Activists Acquitted for 2018 Pattaya Rally

Overshadowed by new student movement, Ja Niew's New Democracy Group had faced prison for anti-junta protest
Nong Nooch Pattaya Dinosaur Thailand

Pattaya’s Nong Nooch Goes Free for North, Bangkok ‘Burbs Residents

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden outside Pattaya is offering free admission to people from nine Upper Northeast provinces and 10 districts of Bangkok...
A distressed 15-year-old boy attempts suicide from Pattaya pedestrian bridge on Tuesday.

Thailand’s Failed Mental-Health System Lets Pattaya Boy Try 2nd Suicide in...

Dismissive police, untrained volunteers too often send suicidal Thais home while hospitals refuse to admit.
Thonpat Onlamai, 41, is inspiring both shrieks and laughs from Grab Food customers by donning a “Predator” mask when he makes deliveries.

Pattaya Grab Food Driver’s ‘Predator’ Mask Inspires Shrieks, Laughs … &...

A Pattaya food deliveryman has found a unique way to generate tips: Showing up at people’s doors wearing an alien mask.
Ko Chan police interview the fiancee of a would-be groom who shot himself in Chonburi.

Wedding Turns Funeral After Chonburi Groom-to-Be Shoots Self Dead

Plans for a Chonburi wedding became funeral arrangements after the would-be groom killed himself after a fight with the bride-to-be.
Monsters Aquarium Pattaya owner Chonkhai Anumas speaks to the media Monday.

Raided Monsters Aquarium to Reopen as Free Pattaya ‘Learning Center’

Pattaya’s Monsters Aquarium will reopen as a free “learning center” after being shutdown last week for running an unlicensed zoo.
Bussarakum “Muay” Saothong, 23, is questioned by Hua Hin police on Friday.

Issan Woman Takes ‘Sick Buffalo’ Scam to Next Level, Jailed for...

Police on Friday arrested an Issan woman who updated the “sick buffalo” romance scam for the 21st century by allegedly scamming at...
Tylan, a Cambodian rubber worker, is treated for injuries after an elephant rampage in Rayong.

Rampaging Elephant Rips Through Rayong Worker Camp, Injuring Infant, 2 Parents

A screaming baby triggered a work elephant in Rayong, setting off a rampage that sent three members of a Cambodian family to...
Noochan Malaikham, 73, refuses help from social workers in Pattaya.

Toeless Pattaya Grandma Tells Social Workers to Bugger Off

Beggar who cut off toes in diabetic pain refuses to go to homeless shelter
Pattaya Beggar Cuts Off Own Toes-1 copy

Old Pattaya Beggar Cuts Off Own Toes to Relieve ‘Unbearable’ Gangrene

An elderly Pattaya beggar whose gangrened feet drove her mad cut off her own toes to relieve the pain Saturday night.
Chonburi health inspectors and Region 2 police catalog drugs seized at a Pattaya pharmacy.

Russian Busted for Online ‘Drug Dealing’ in Pattaya

Eastern region police arrested a Russian man who allegedly operated a mail-order drugstore out of his closed Pattaya pharmacy.
A North Pattaya warehouse is destroyed by fire early Tuesday.

Pattaya Hotel Gutted, Warehouse Razed in 2 Overnight Fires

(Updated 9:30 a.m.) – Damage is estimated at more than 100 million baht after two separate fires swept through a Pattaya hotel...

Pattaya-Maptaphut Motorway Opens More Tourism Destinations, Attractions in Eastern Thailand

A 32-kilommeter motorway opened last week in Thailand’s rapidly developing Eastern Economic Corridor will significantly enhance access to a broad range of...
Jakkrit Paliang, 20, was nabbed around 7 a.m. today with a 32-caliber revolver and bullets that, police said, he admitted to shooting near an 18-year-old revving his engine.

Pattaya 7-Eleven Clerk Loses It Over Loud Motorbike, Shoots at Driver

A 7-Eleven clerk so pissed off over the sound of a modified motorbike fired a shot at its driver to shut him...
Pattaya Beach Chair Umbrella Vendors Thailand

Pattaya Dumps ‘No Chair Wednesdays’, Extends Hours, Parking

Five years after the government ordered beach chairs and umbrellas off the nation’s beaches at least once a week to restore nature...
Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel

Probe Opened In Suicide Leap at Pattaya Quarantine Hotel as Thailand...

Authorities have opened an investigation into a Thai returnee who jumped to his death from the top of a Pattaya hotel where...
Labor Chairman visits King Pac Industrial Co. Chonburi Thailand

Amid Historic Unemployment, Chonburi Can’t Fill 10,000+ Jobs

The jobs are there for the jobless, but are there enough Thais willing or skilled enough to take them?
Fed-Up Chonburi Locals Turn Potholes into Fishing Holes 4

Fed-Up Chonburi Locals Turn Potholes into Fishing Holes

A group of Chonburi locals fed up with the province’s refusal to fix a battered local road protested by turning potholes into...
Pattaya Suicide Attempt Mango Tree 2

Pattaya Suicide Bid Cut Down by Family Members

A Pattaya man who tried to end it all was saved from a hanging death by family members. Sawang...
Pattaya Beach Sunset Facelift Upgrade Renovation

Pattaya’s ฿160m Beach Upgrade More Pipedream Than Actual Plan

Underground toilets on chronically flooded street? Parking laws actually enforced? Don't hold your breath. There's not even a budget for it.
Dead Sea Turtle Jomtien Beach Pattaya Lottery 1

Betting on Dead Turtles Brings Only Bad Luck in Pattaya

Never bet on a dead turtle. That’s certain to be what a group of Pattaya locals will be telling...
Chonburi Man Sets Own Truck on Fire 2

‘I’ll Show Her!’: Chonburi Man Lights Own Truck on Fire to...

A Chonburi man determined to have the final word in a fight with his wife he set his own truck on fire.
Pattaya Thailand Double Suicide Coronavirus Lockdown Consequences

Pattaya Double Suicide Shows Tragic Consequences of Thailand’s Covid-19 Defense

Direk & Kwanjai survived the virus, but lost everything in Thailand's lockdown
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