All of Thailand’s Covid-19 Rules, Not Just PCR Tests, Need to...

Even after admitting that Thailand can’t compete with countries that have fully reopened, the country’s timid leaders still won’t commit to dropping pointless coronavirus...
Antigen tests being performed to enter Khao San Road.

Thailand Thinks Dragging Out Pandemic, Restrictions Will Make Covid-19 Endemic

. Futile effort to slow omicron by forcing antigen tests on everyone everywhere has corrupt cops rubbing hands

PHOTO VIEW: Pattaya’s Nightlife Reopens, Proving Bar Closure Order a Farce

One might be able to rationalize how a Soi 7 beer bar offering up quick-slop Thai food could be considered a restaurant, but in...
English Foreign Farang Teachers Classroom Thailand Students School

Thailand English Proficiency Now 13th Worst in World

. Kingdom's annual ranking falls 26 points in 2 years, now worst in SE Asia
Thomas Hansen

German’s ‘Greatest Adventure’ Was Trying – and Failing – to Get...

A 1st-person tale of how Thomas Hansen was repeatedly rejected by both the CoE & Thailand Pass systems prompting him to holiday elsewhere.

‘Test & Go’ Is a Lie: Thailand’s Reopening to Choke on...

. You can't just get a test and go. It takes weeks of preplanning and thousands of baht insurance and 1-2 nights quarantine.
Restaurant diiners patrons drinking alcohol booze beer

Bangkok’s Booze Limits Protect Corrupt Police, Not Restaurant Patrons

. By limiting alcohol sales to SHA venues until 9 p.m., Bangkok Gov. Aswin gave his police buddies 2 more ways to extort struggling restaurateurs.
Myanmar Rohingya

For Tatmadaw, Rohingyas Can Be the Key to Legitimacy

With eyes fixated on the ongoing Afghan debacle and America’s messy withdrawal from the infamous ‘graveyard of empire’, the world might have missed a...
An All Nippon Airways flight from Tokyo arrives at Bangkok's Survanabhumi International Airport in June. Japanese travelers will be able to return to Thailand in November without undergoing quarantine under a plan by Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

Thailand’s Nov. 1 Reopening: Devil Will Be in Details

CoE? Insurance? SHA+? Prayut laid out a vision, but bureaucrats may add conditions. How many will determine how successful reopening is.
Clear cocktail glass with yellow liquid inside

Thailand’s Alcohol Laws a Cocktail of Confusion

This commentary by Barry Kenyon first appeared in the Pattaya Mail, a Bangkok Herald partner. Thailand has always had a love-hate relationship with alcoholic...
Sukhumvit Road, the main street through Bangkok's tourist, business and commercial area, is all but deserted before 8 p.m. (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

Oct. 1 Is Here, But What’s Really Changed?

Relaxed restrictions are still restrictions. Thailand still failing to "live with Covid-19"
Canceled Flights at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Thailand

‘No One Said the Country Would Reopen Oct. 1’ – So...

First, it’s Oct. 1. Then it’s Oct. 15. Some “academics” say it should be Nov. 1. Now? No one can really say.

Stop Moaning About Pattaya Beach Trees: They’re Not Special & Project...

Critics have short memories: Trees are replaced regularly. And while it looks bad, the project must start now, or leave Pattaya Beach uncompetitive for years.
Bang Sue Grand Station Vaccination Center Crowding Bangkok Thailand

Thailand Gov’t Befuddled by Severe Public-Health Crisis

Guest commentator Michael James reasons that the government's incompetence in quashing the coronavirus epidemic is setting the scene for a regime change, one way or another.
Anutin Charnvirakul Thailand Public Health Minister-2

Don’t Believe Anutin: Thailand Not Getting 32m Pfizer Doses in Q4

False claim proves public health minister knows almost as little about calendars and truth as he does about managing the coronavirus epidemic.
Lovers kissing with face masks

Love in the Time of Covid: Rubber Gloves, Face Masks Join...

"There is no greater glory than to die for love."
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha picks some longgong while visiting fruit growers in tambon Tapong, Muang district of Rayong

Let Them Eat Fruit: Medical Workers Want mRNA Vaccines; Prayut Gave...

The top item on the wish list of Thailand’s frontline medical workers and volunteers is an mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha gave...
Mock body bags lay on a picture of Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to depict casualties of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, during an anti-government march from Democracy Monument to Government House, in Bangkok July 18.

‘Fake News’ Crackdown a Last Gasp From Thailand’s Failing Gov’t Unable...

Unable to stop a raging pandemic and fearful of a public uprising, ex-coup leaders look to jail those publishing even the truth.
Covid-19 Vaccines Generic AstraZeneca Pfaizer Moderna Sinovac Vials Bottles Syringe Neede

In Defense of Mixing Vaccines: Thai Health Officials Make Their Case

By Silada Lydia Rojratanakiat To maximize the usefulness of every tool available for the pandemic response, Thailand is exploring the advantages of combining doses of...
Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccine Syringle Needle Generic

Thailand Vaccine Board Outlines 3-Prong Strategy for Ensuring Long-Term Covid-19 Vaccine...

With headlines across Thailand rightfully condemning the government for its slow procurement of Covid-19 vaccines and relying on inefficient vaccines, such as China’s SinoVac,...
A woman sits outside closed businesses on Pattaya Beach Road Aug. 30 (Photo: Bangkok Herald)

Thais Facing Economic Ruin with Both Covid-19, Government to Blame

By James Lovelock Millions of Thais facing poverty and financial ruin not only have the devastating Covid-19 crisis to blame, but their own government as...
Mahachai Central Fresh Shrimp Seafood Market Samut Sakhon Thailand Coronavirus Covid-19-3

Thailand Again Scapegoats Burmese, with Razor Wire, Calls for Reporting of...

It's not the first, nor will be the last, time Thais blame Myanmar neighbors for own failings
Thousands of student-age protestors face off against Thai police at Bangkok's Pathumwan intersection Oct. 16. (Photo: Tyler Roney for the Bangkok Herald)

Prayut, It’s Time to Go

UCA News’ Benjamin Freeman argues Thailand’s PM has overstayed his welcome with crackdown on peaceful student protesters
Riot police line up to disperse protestors at Bangkok's Ratchprasong intersection Oct. 15.

End Game Uncertain as Pro-Democracy Movement Meets Immovable Gov’t Force

On 3rd night of protests, demonstrators blasted with water cannons, batons. Where activists go from here unclear
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