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Thailand’s Nanny State Shifts into Overdrive for Valentine’s Day

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No sex, please. We’re Thai.

If it were up to the ultra-conservative ex-generals who have run Thailand since overthrowing the people’s government nearly eight years ago, there would be no alcohol, no bars and no sex in Thailand… Except for themselves, of course.

So it’s not hard to see why the military nanny state goes into palpitations each and every Valentine’s Day. And each year their pontificating is ignored.

So, again, this year government stuffed shirts are telling couples ­– who likely are double, triple or quadruple vaccinated and spend their time with each other daily – that they should mask up today for Valentine’s Day.

Cloth over face, latex on the penis and, for good measure, how about some rubber gloves?

OK, so delusional “officials” running Thailand’s Medical Industrial Complex this year have dispensed with the rubber gloves advice they doled out during the first two years of the coronavirus pandemic. But the rest remains.

With a straight face, government spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha asked all relevant agencies to promote and ensure a safe Valentine’s Day this year.

He encouraged the public to express love through online calls or by following health safety measures when they go outside to celebrate Valentine’s Day. He also suggested sending presents, making online video calls, giving encouragement and maintaining social distancing, as well as sharing constructive or supportive advice to one another.

The prime minister said true love was about protecting and supporting each other. He also said he hoped that Thais would show their love and solidarity by caring for one another, and that he was confident in everyone’s ability to overcome the pandemic together.

Meanwhile, millions of youths (and quite a few not-so-youthful) are counting the hours until they can consummate “National Deflower Day”.