Twitter Loses It Over NYT Story Praising Thai Fruits

Humorless, Self-Anointed Thai culture experts – many outside Thailand – go nuts over light-hearted New York Times article on Thai fruit

Thailand’s marketers were pleased, but self-anointed Thai culture experts on Twitter were enraged when a local New York Times reporter had the audacity to write about their beloved fruits “disrespectfully”.

The article – “Eating Thai Fruit Demands Serious Effort but Delivers a Sublime Reward” ­– was heralded by Thailand’s National News Bureau in print and video (above), saying the Times “offered its readers insight into Thai fruit delicacies”, such as lychee, jackfruit, rambutan, mangosteen, salak, and durian.

The paper said Thailand’s fruit “are like no other” but despite being both unique and yummy, they all need quite serious commitment to eat.

Online “experts” – most of them not even in Thailand – skewered the article, it’s author, Hannah Beech, the writing and photos.

“white ppl don’t deserve the good fruit if they act like this lmao,” tweeted Khushbu Shah, an “aspiring fruit journalist” in New York. Beech, of course, is not white and half-Japanese.

“truly disappointing read. I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world to have this beautiful bounty of fruits at my fingertips. Trucks and trolleys full of rambutan and jackfruit are what dreams are made of”, tweeted a female expat in Thailand going by @LaGringaBKK.

Even Dwight Turner, a generally well-liked Bangkok Twitter user, got up on his high horse.

From there, it was simply a pile-on from bored, stuck-at-home expats.

Fortunately, some sanity still exists on Thai twitter and the haters were quickly shouted down by those who have a firmer grasp on reality. Including a Thai colleague of Beech’s and a renowned travel writer.