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All Diplomats to Be Quarantined After EU Official Blocked From Bangkok Condo

The EU official was sent to Bangkok's Centre Point Grande alternative state quarantine hotel.
The EU official was sent to Bangkok's Centre Point Grande alternative state quarantine hotel.

A second foreign diplomat has sparked coronavirus fears after trying to self-quarantine at her Bangkok condo.

Management at the Khlong Toei residential tower stopped the unnamed European Union official from checking into the apartment Thursday night after learning she had just arrived at Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 2 a.m. She was allowed to leave the airport citing her diplomatic credentials.

Condo management called police who took her to be tested for Covid-19. She tested negative, but could test positive later and, thus, still must be quarantined.

Diplomats had been allowed under rules in effect until this week to self-isolate at home, but condo management refused to let her take possession of the unit, claiming they had been deceived because it was rented under her name, not that the German or European Union diplomatic mission.

The apartment had been rented on the diplomat’s behalf to use for self-quarantine.

After about two hours of haggling, the EU diplomatic mission and Thai foreign ministry worked out a deal to have her stay at the Grande Centre Point Bangkok Hotel, which is an “alternate state quarantine” facility.

The bruhaha comes after Sudan’s charge d’affaires and his wife continued to hole up in Khlong Toei’s Condo One X after their daughter tested positive for Covid-19 without telling the Public Health Ministry or condo management. It prompted the testing of 247 tower residents, whose tests all came back negative, and a suggestion from Bangkok’s governor that all residents, regardless of test result, self-quarantine.

The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration announced today that, going forward, all ambassadors and diplomats entering Thailand must enter alternate auarantine on arrival for 14 days.