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AstraZeneca, China’s Sinovac Apply for Covid-19 Vaccine Registration in Thailand

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Two companies have applied for Covid-19 vaccine registration with the Food and Drug Administration.

FDA Secretary-General Paisarn Dunkum identified the applicants as AstraZeneca (Thailand) and China’s Sinovac Biotech.

The FDA was considering the applications and expected to approve them soon. The Government Pharmaceutical Organization would be the licensee for the vaccine of Sinovac Biotech, he said.

“The government neither monopolizes nor blocks vaccine imports. Private hospitals can either buy FDA-registered vaccines or seek vaccine registration by themselves,” the FDA secretary-general said.

He said that although Covid-19 vaccines were registered in other countries, the FDA had yet to register and approve their use in Thailand because it needed to know the profiles of vaccine importers and investigate vaccine properties in the event of subsequent quality and safety issues.

The FDA did not control Covid-19 vaccine prices, Paisarn said.