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Brit, Canadian Among 10 New Coronavirus Cases in Thailand

Coronavirus Covid-19 Update Thailand Herald

Thailand on Thursday reported 10 more imported coronavirus cases.

The cases were:

  • A 67-year-old Taiwanese man who arrived Oct. 8 and tested positive in a Samut Prakan quarantine hotel. He was asymptomatic.
  • Two Thai male students, 24 and 27, back from Yemen on Oct. 9 and found positive in Chonburi state quarantine on Oct. 20.
  • Two Thai women – a housewife, 52, and a masseuse, 55 – who returned from the Netherlands on Oct. 10 and 18, respectively. They tested positive in state quarantine in Chonburi on Oct. 21 and 20, respectively.
  • A 66-year-old Thai man returned from Belgium on Oct. 10 and quarantining in a Bangkok hotel. He developed a fever on Oct. 17 before being confirmed positive the next day.
  • A 45-year-old masseuse returned from Japan on Oct. 14 and found positive in quarantine in Chonburi on Oct. 21.
  • A 60-year-old Canadian engineer who travelled from Turkey on Oct. 16 and tested positive in quarantine at a Samut Prakan hotel on Oct. 20 without showing any symptoms.
  • A British woman, 60, and a Thai man, 66, who traveled from the United Kingdom and went into quarantine in Samut Prakan and Chonburi. Both were found positive on Oct. 20. The man had a cough and fever.

Meanwhile, 19 patients have recovered and been discharged in the past 24 hours.

As of Thursday, the number of confirmed cases in Thailand has increased to 3,719 (772 in state quarantine). Of these, 146 are in hospital and 3,514 have recovered and been discharged. The death toll remains unchanged at 59.