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‘Carelessness’ Kills Covid-19 Patient Vaccinated 4 Times

Four Covid-19 vaccine shots did not help save the life of a Thai whose death was among 36 others reported Friday.

Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration spokeswoman Apisamai Srirangson said the unidentified victim was not in any of the demographic groups “vulnerable” to Covid-19 – those over 60 or suffering from a number of chronic diseases. And the person had received four jabs of Covid-19 vaccines.

However, Apisamai suggested it was careless behavior that led to the person’s ultimately fatal infection.

“The case reflected the importance of strict personal protection, Apisamai said.

She warned the public that the full, legal opening of bars, nightclubs, karaoke clubs and other nightlife venues could lead to similar infections even if people are vaccinated. Vaccines are not absolute protection against infection but do, most times, prevent serious illness.

As of Friday, 46,595 people were receiving treatment for Covid-19 including 27,440, or 58%, who either were at field hospitals and community-isolation facilities or in home isolation. Meanwhile, 19,155 patients were at hospitals.

Since Jan. 1, 8,183 have died of Covid-19 in Thailand. Most were over 60, had underlying illnesses or were pregnant. Inadequate vaccination was blamed for many of the fatalities.

Thailand on Saturday reported 4,488 new, officially confirmed cases and 38 deaths.