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Fan-Powered Face Mask Relieves That Stuffy Feeling

LG Face Mask with Fan Coronavirus Covid-19

If you’re finding that face mask to stuffy to breathe in, it might be time to upgrade to one with a built-in fan.

LG Electronics said it has developed a mask equipped with miniature fans that draw in fresh air through two layers of filters to make breathin easier and allow longer-term use.

The South Korea company said the fans address the major problem associated with masks: the strain of wearing them for long periods.

Health care workers will be the first to get LG’s new mask with the company donating 2,000 pieces to a university hospital in Seoul.

No date or price for a consumer version has been announced.

While the idea of having fans draw outside air in would seem to defeat the purpose of wearing a mask, the LG models have replaceable filters in front and behind the fans, like an N95 respirator. Air pressure sensors activate the fans, which pause when the wearer exhales.

The exterior of the mask is made of plastic while the inside is lined with silicone. Total weight is only about 120 grams so it is easily wearable for long periods.