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Gov’t Pays Out ฿6.5 Billion in Coronavirus Relief for Locked-Down Thais

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The government has already transferred 6.5 billion baht in Social Security payments to full-time employees affected by the lockdown measures, while additional financial aid is now available for informal employees as well as student parents.

Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, a ministerial secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister, announced Monday the Social Security Office has already transferred 6.5 billion baht’s worth of payments for full-time employees and their employers under Article 33 of the Social Security scheme, applicable for selected business categories deemed to be affected by the lockdown measures in 13 provinces.

Additional payouts are in the pipeline for eligible workers and businesses in the other 16 dark red provinces under the highest Covid-19 controls, with the first payments to be made on Aug. 24.

Other persons covered under Articles 39 and 40 of the Social Security scheme in all 29 dark-red provinces, including self-contributing independent workers and the unemployed, will also receive payouts according to their eligibility as listed on the SSO website. Payouts to these groups of insured persons will be made to a million people daily.

The government has introduced a financial measure for parents and students for the first semester of the 2021 academic year. Related agencies are now verifying the eligibility of applicants in order to further process the 2,000 baht per student payout on 31st August. The Ministry of Education expects the campaign will cover around 11 million persons, costing 21.6 billion baht.

Thanakorn said the government’s existing economic stimulation campaigns, including the 50:50 co-pay campaign, tax rebate campaign, and extra allowances for holders of the government welfare card, have led to 62.9 billion baht’s worth of total transactions among 38 million users.

He said the government is considering broadening the allowance in the 50:50 co-pay campaign to be applicable to food delivery orders starting in October. This new feature will coincide with the second allowance payment of 1,500 baht per user around that time.