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GPO to Sell 3.5 Million ATKs at ฿35 Each

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With Thailand building its entire pandemic-recovery plan on top of unreliable coronavirus antigen test kits, supply has become an issue.

So the Government Pharmaceutical Organization said Tuesday it will sell 3.5 million ATKs at their cost price of 35 baht a kit.

Don’t expect to get the cheap kits at the local 7-Eleven. They’re only available at GPO’s drug stores or on its website.

GPO managing director Witoon Danwiboon said the organization today signed a contract to buy the 3.5 million ATKs from a supplier and the products would be delivered weekly in million-kit allotments.

Witoon said GPO listed more than 100 companies licensed to import ATKs and it could locally call for their bids to supply the products without having to seek permission to import ATKs itself.

Next week, the GPO will invite bids for the supply of five million more ATKs and their prices will be lower. The organization would also sell the products at their cost price, he said.

GPO had a stock of three million ATKs and would also procure ATKs to be used with saliva samples, the managing director said.

In the best-case scenario, antigen tests are only 80% accurate. The ultra-cheap kits manufactured in China inundating Thailand right now are even less so.