Fake Thai Chana apps and bogus Thai governent app SMS text messages

Fraudsters already exploiting weak Thai Chana app as gov’t crows about...

It took only days for identity thieves to exploit the Thai government's technologically primitive Thai Chana app.
Phuket Massage Spa

Phuket massage parlors prepare to reopen

With a government panel on Wednesday expected to list businesses that can reopen during Phase 3 of Thailand’s economic recovery, Phuket is getting its...
Covid 19 Control Measures in Thailand

Parochial generals castigate Thai ‘children’ as reckless after pandemic restrictions eased

Again treating its citizens like children, Thailand's government called Thais “reckless” after pandemic restrictions were eased.
A medical worker at a hospital in Surin, Thiailand administers a coronavirus test through a 'Covid Box' made by state telephone company TOT out of an old phone booth.

Thailand turns telephone booths into coronavirus testing kiosks

A relics of a bygone era are helping to ease a modern plague in Thailand, which is retasking telephone booths as coronavirus testing stations.
Grand Bella Hotel Pattaya Field Hospital Coronavirus

Fraudsters demanding 40% kickbacks from Pattaya hotels to designate them Covid-19...

Fraudsters are demanding 40% kickbacks to ensure closed Pattaya hotels are chosen as government-sanctioned quarantine centers.
Yaowarat Road, the centre of Bangkok's Chinatown, at night

Thailand’s ex-Generals flail to justify government’s extension of coronavirus emergency decree

Flights are banned until July and overstaying foreigners don’thave to worry about visas until August, so the announcement that the government would extend its...
Thailand researchers testing coronavirus vaccine

Thailand joins race to produce coronavirus vaccine

Thai researchers believe they can crank out a vaccine to prevent the coronavirus next year.
Thailand Curfew Checkpoint

Phuket locals Thailand’s worst curfew breakers

Figures released Thursday by Phuket police show the province’s residents have been taking the national curfew very seriously.
Use of coronavirus facemasks in southeast asia

Thais most fanatical about facemasks, hand gel in SE Asia

In what won’t be a shock to anyone wandering through Bangkok, Thais wear facemasks and use hand sanitizer more than any other people in...
ThaiChana Thailand Checkin App Central World Shoping Mall Covid-19 Contact Tracing App

5.1 million sacrifice privacy to Thai Chana virus-tracing app in first...

More than 5 million people used the government’s new Thai Chana mobile app to check in to shopping malls and other retailers in its...
Bangkok Malls Reopen Corwds Bangkok Herald

Thais Flock to Reopened Malls, but Hassles May Not Be Worth...

Thais returned to their beloved shopping malls Sunday, but obstacles and prohibitions left some wondering why they bothered.
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