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Pregnant Women, Obese People Turned Away on 1st Day of Walk-In Covid-19 Vaccinations

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People in three vulnerable groups flocked to the Bang Sue Grand rail station for walk-in Covid-19 vaccinations, with two only to be turned away because of overcrowding.

Eligible were people age 60 and over, women at least 12 weeks pregnant and those weighing at least 100 kilograms. Many queued from early in the morning.

Dr. Mingkwan Wichaidit, vaccination director at Bang Sue Grand Station, said that from today onward elderly people would be inoculated in the morning and people in the two other groups would receive vaccines from 1 p.m. to prevent crowd gatherings.

Obese people and pregnant women were sent home and told to return Friday.

According to Mingkwan, the vaccination station is capable of inoculating daily about 5,000 people who registered through mobile phone operators and 15,000 people of the three vulnerable groups for walk-in vaccination services.

The maximum vaccination capacity of the Bang Sue Grand Station is at 25,000 people per day.