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Students Take Covid-19 Tests at Thailand’s Schools Prepare to Reopen Classrooms

Bodindecha 2. Sing (Singhaseni) School in Bangkok.
Bodindecha 2. Sing (Singhaseni) School in Bangkok.

Schools nationwide are administering Covid-19 tests for students as they prepare to resume on-site classes next week.

Students in Mathayom levels 4-6 at Sing Singhaseni School in Bangkok were screened Friday using antigen test kits.

Tests wer administered to 2,312 students, teachers and staff at the school, with Mathayom 1-3 students and sellers at the school having already been tested the day before.

Principal Suphat Atcharit said the ATK tests will ensure readiness for the resumption of on-site classes on Jan. 17 after classes were moved online at the start of the year to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

He added that the school will facilitate the transportation of persons with positive test results to the hospital so an RT-PCR test can be administered.

Students said they were in favor of the ATK tests, believing they will help reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus when on-site learning resumes. The students also said they were observing public-health measures currently in place on top of the prevention measures issued by the school.

The school will implement a mixed format for holding classes from Monday onward. Students will only attend on-site classes once a week.