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Thai Soldiers in US Try Again to Come Home Uninfected by Coronavirus

Thai Army Soldiers Go to US for Training Coronavirus Testing Covid-191
A Thai soldiers is screened upon arriving at the U.S. Joint Readiness Training Center in Louisiana.

Another group of Thai soldiers have gone to the United States for training with many wondering how many will return with the coronavirus.

Royal Thai Army forces arrived at the U.S. Joint Readiness Training Centre in the southern state of Louisiana to participate in a month-long evaluation course following their Hawaii drill in July.

Col. Sirichan Nga-thong, deputy army spokeswoman, said after arrivals, 189 Thai soldiers from the 2nd Army and the Special Warfare Command underwent health screenings and were briefed on Covid-19 prevention and control measures by the U.S. Army’s medical unit.

The training course runs from through Nov. 1. Thai soldiers will engage in evaluations and follow-up tests of the Hawaii exercise.

The soldiers will return to Thailand on Nov. 2 and undergo disease control-processes including quarantine. Their goal is to protect themselves and come back to develop the Thai army, Col. Sirichan said.

Nine of the 151 soldiers who took part in the Lightning Forge 2020 drill in Hawaii in July tested positive for Covid-19 upon their return.