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Thailand Hits 28-Day Milestone of 0 Local Coronavirus Cases

Phase 5 set to begin in July with opening of bars, international air travel

Thailand 28 Days Later Coronavirus

Thailand on Monday marked a milestone in its campaign against the novel coronavirus, recording 28 days – or two full Covid-19 incubation cycles – without a locally transmitted case.

The government’s Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration said three cases among those in government quarantine were found, all Thais who recently returned from India.

The women, ages 34, 21 and 11, were placed in quarantine in Chonburi Province after returning on a June 18 flight.

Thailand’s total cases are 3,151 – 214 of which were quarantined patients – with 3,022 recoveries and 58 deaths.

The 28-day milestone has given the government more confidence to move forward with Phase 5 of the country’s economic opening. The final phase, set to begin in July, would allow the highest-risk businesses – including bars, nightclubs and boxing stadiums – to reopen, said CCSA spokesman Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin.

July also will see the resumption of international air travel, although foreign visitors will be limited to seven groups, Taweesin said.

Those group includes businesspeople and investors, 700 of whom have already registered; Skilled laborers and exporters 22,000 of whom have registered; foreign expats married to Thais or holding permanent residency, 2,000 of which have applied; and medical tourists, 30,000 of whom have applied.

The other three groups would fall under the “travel bubble” concept which still has yet to be approved.

The other group comprises travelers who won’t need to go into quarantine on entry: Businesspeople on short stays, invited government guests and tourists from countries with which Thailand has made reciprocal “travel bubble” agreements, Taweesin said.

His announcement contradicts reports from last week that the CCSA had vetoed a plan to allow travel bubble tourists to enter Thailand without undergoing lengthy quarantines. Taweesin said the bubble issue will be debated again on June 26.