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Thailand Reports 10 Imported Coronavirus Cases

Coronavirus Covid-19 Update Thailand Herald

Thailand on Tuesday reported 10 new cases of Covid-19 in state quarantine, bringing the total cases an even 3,600.

Out of this number, 3,390 patients have recovered and the death toll remained at 59.

 Of the newly-confirmed cases, two arrived from Kuwait, comprising a Thai male worker and a Kuwaiti man. The latter was found being infected with coronavirus while accompanying a patient, who has sought medical treatment in Thailand.

Three others are two Thai men and a woman, who returned from Hong Kong.

Another two cases are two Russian nationals in alternative state quarantine. Three others are Thai women, who returned from the United States.

The director of the Division of Communicable Diseases said although, most new coronavirus cases were returnees from abroad, there may be some coronavirus-infected cases, showing no symptoms in the general public.

They could be teenagers or working-age groups, who could transmit the virus to others, he said, without supplying any evidence to back up his claim.

He instructed everyone to continue Covid-19 precautions by avoiding crowded places, wearing face coverings in public places and frequently washing their hands.