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Thailand Sees 91 Days Free of Local Coronavirus Cases, Savings Deposits Boom

Lockdown saw people earning less, but also spending less, saving more

Thailand recorded two new cases of Covid-19 in state quarantine on Monday, raising the total cases to 3,397, said the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration.

Of that number, 3,222 patients have recovered and the death toll remained at 58.

The two new infections comprise one male student, who returned from India on Aug 8. He was quarantined in Bangkok and found infected with coronavirus in the third test on Aug 21.

The other case is a Qatari man, 71, who arrived in Thailand on Aug 22. He entered the alternative hospital quarantine at a private hospital in Bangkok and tested positive to coronavirus on the first day of his arrival.

Thailand now has gone 91 days without locally transmitted case of the coronavirus. The lockdown that contributed to that record had another side-effect. It boosted bank savings the most in 12 years.

Deposits in the first half of this year came from about 80 million people and amounted to 14.7 million baht, an increase of 8, according to the Deposit Protection Agency.

Announcing the figures, DPA President Songpol Chevapanyaroj said people were saving for their future due to the impacts of the coronavirus and investors were moving their money to banks from capital and money markets where yields were declining.

According to him, as of June there were 80.8 million depositors with financial institutions protected by DPA. The figure rose by 1.4 percent or about 1.1 million.