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‘Phuket Model’ for Foreign Tourists Not Happening Anytime Soon – Gov’t Spokeswoman

Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Thailand Immigration

A government spokeswoman said the “Phuket Model” of welcoming foreign tourists would not be implemented in the near future and Thai people should go on vacation to help the local economy.

Traisulee Traisoranakul said the Phuket Model project planned to set an example of welcoming foreign tourists was being discussed in details and concerned officials had yet to consider many relevant factors including the methods of receiving visitors, the categories of visitors to be accepted and measures to screen them and prevent Covid-19 transmission.

“It will take quite sometimes until it can be guaranteed that when foreigners are allowed in, they will not pose the risk of the second spread of COVID-19,” she said.

“Phuket people and Thai tourists can rest assured that the door has not been opened to foreign tourists. Actions will be taken in the most careful manner and properly and will not pose the risk of spreading Covid-19 for the second round.”

Traisulee said that the Phuket Model would see the limited areas of tourist destinations, 14-day quarantine upon arrivals and visitors from Covid-19-free countries.

“Now the government is inviting Thai people to have vacation to help stimulate the economy and distribute income to local people,” she said.