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Prachin Buri’s Top Man on Run, National Arrest Warrant Out

The president of the Prachin Buri Provincial Administration Organization is now a fugitive, on the run from a national arrest warrant for his alleged encroachment on Khao Yai National Park.

Sunthorn Vilawan, who also is the father of Deputy Education Minister Kanokwan, is believed to still be in the country, although immigration police are watching the borders.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission found Sunthorn and Kanokwan at fault for ethical misconduct in connection with encroachment in the park. A number of land and park officials were also found to be complicit in helping to arrange for land title deeds to be issued to Sunthorn and Kanokwan.

The statute of limitations on the crime is close to expiring, however, so officials are rushing to make the arrest and prosecute Sunthorn before he does a runner.

On Friday, the Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases in Rayong Province accepted the land-encroachment case against Kanokwan. She was granted bail and the court scheduled the first hearing in the case for August 5th.