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Chiang Mai Romance Scammers Target Lonely Japanese Men

Chiang Mai Romance Scam Chinese Japanese Online

Chiang Mai police arrested 24 Chinese and Thais for allegedly running a romance scam from a resort hotel that targeted lonely Japanese men.

Chiang Mai police and immigration police arrested 22 men and two women at a resort hotel in Ban Nong Yao village of Fang district and seized a large number of computers and mobile phones from them.

The gang had rented the entire resort hotel and turned it into their criminal base, police alleged.

The accused scammers used the fake profiles of beautiful women whose pictures were copied via the the Line messaging app. Through dating apps and Line, they approached Japanese men, struck up relationships and lured them into investing through a fraudulent software application.

Many Japanese men fell for the scam. The suspects were charged with illegal assembly and public fraud.