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Fearing New Covid-19 Outbreak, police, army raids illegal Bangkok casino

Bangkok, police and military officers tonight raided an illegal casino in Lak Si District, finding 89 Thais and foreigners mocking the current coronavirus outbreak fueled by a similar gambling den in Rayong.

Army special forces soldiers and Thung Song Hong police hit the reinforced building in a gated two-rai lot on Soi Chaengwattana 14 in Lak Si District around 7 p.m. Monday. Officers found tables offering Tiger, Hi-o and Fan Tan.

Inside were 75 Thais and 14 foreigners huddled in groups.

Police said the same location had been raided before in a gambling crackdown. Heat is currently on police, many who take bribes from crime syndicates to keep illegal casinos open, to clamp down on the gambling dens following a Rayong outbreak tied to a casino in a freight warehouse in Muang District.

Rayong’s police chief was suspended Monday for allowing the casino to operate for a month.

Gamblers were charged with violating the emergency decree and gambling.