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Teen Cellphone Lust, Acquiescing Parents Fat Targets for Online Fraudsters

Pattaya Teen Ripped Off for Phone with Laundry Soap

Teenagers’ incessant lust for the newest mobile phones – and parents’ willingness to spoil their offspring – continues to open the door to fraudsters.

This weekend alone, a 15-year-old girl splashed out 6,579 baht for a mail-order phone only to receive a bag of laundry detergent while a 12-year-old was conned out of 35,000 baht by buying an Apple iPhone on Facebook for 20-baht a day.

The father of the boy from Ban Dung District of Udon Thani Province, Teerasak Luanglak, 37, said after he filed a police complaint he discovered that a 16-year-old girl was the Facebook scammer. She started the page after her parents split up.

The girl’s aunt promised to repay the 35,135 baht on condition the police charges are dropped.

Grandparents Suphan and Waan Luanglak said they had given the boy the cash, even though it had been set aside for operation of the family farm.

In the case of the 15-year-old from Pattaya, she had ordered the phone on the Shopee app – a cesspool of scams and fraud – for her older brother and paid cash on delivery. But the girl said she didn’t open and check the package when the deliveryman was there.

She put the box aside and opened it later, only to find a small bag of laundry soap. Had she opened it at the time, of course, she wouldn’t have paid the C.O.D.

 The girl contacted the online seller only to get an answering machine.