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Chadchart Vows to Keep Pot Out of Bangkok Schools

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Bangkok Gov. Chadchart Sittipunt vowed to keep newly legal marijuana out of schools as the government decriminalized cannabis without setting and rules or age limits for its use.

In typical Thai cart-before-the-horse fashion, cannabis and hemp were removed from the list of Category 5 narcotics before supporting laws governing recreational use were even debated. That effectively means that pot can be smoked by anyone, of any age, anywhere.

Police only have public-nuisance laws at their disposal to regulate public, recreational use. People can be fined up to 25,000 baht and jailed up to three years for annoying others with weed smoke.

Fearful kids – who legally can buy grass at Bangkok dispensaries – might start lighting up during recess. So Chadchart plans a campaign for “cannabis-free schools” out of concerns about the negative health impacts.

After chairing a meeting of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration executives, Chadchart said that the meeting was worried about the decriminalization of cannabis as the BMA’s Medical Service Departrtment reported that the BMA’s hospitals admitted four cases of cannabis overdoses and one of them died.

The “overdose” death certification remains unofficial.

Officials concerned blamed the hazard on cannabis side effects and people needed useful knowledge about cannabis, Mr Chadchart said.

According to him, teachers, parents and students should have the knowledge. Therefore, he planned a cannabis-free school campaign. Officials concerned will also try to prevent the abuse of cannabis in food preparation.