WATCH: Elephant Conservation in Chiang Mai in the Covid Era

Chiang Mai’s elephant-touring industry has been hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic and the loss of foreign tourists, but some camps focusing on breeding an conservation are still open and delighting Thai tourists and expats.

This video from the Thailand Public Relations Department looks at the conservation efforts ongoing in one camp.

Elephant conservation, aside from giving the animals a better life, has also received a lot of attention from travelers wishing to visit these magnificent creatures in an ethical setting. These efforts serve to instill in everyone an awareness of the significance of protecting the elephants.

In the video, six-year Chiang Mai expat Leslie Temanson said one of the purposes of the nursery is to have an active breeding program, “to have females who are pregnant so we can increase the number of babies and elephants in Thailand, as we only have a limited number and some say the total number actually is going down.”