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Clock Ticking to 10 p.m. Saturday Deadline for Thailand PM to Resign

Bangkok Remand Prison Thailand Democracy Activists

The clock is ticking and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has until 10 p.m. Saturday to resign, or face a new, even-bigger series of pro-democracy protests.

The Free People’s Group rallied Friday night at Bangkok Remand Prison, where their compatriots are being held, and stayed overnight.

The group’s deadline for the prime minister’s resignation comes tonight.

At 10 a.m. Saturday, Songpol Sontirak and Jatupat Boonpatararaksa, aka Pai Dao Din, invited supporters and students to show up and announced that it was time to oust the government to have a “people’s constitution”.

They repeated three demands: the prime minister’s resignation, a new constitution and the reform of the royal institution.

They said all demonstrators were rally leaders and their demonstrations would adapt to situations and demands from participants.

Jatupat said he would stay overnight in front of the Bangkok Remand Prison to wait for a response from the prime minister. If the prime minister does not resign, he will set the next move of demonstrators, he said.