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Citing Stadium, Pub Easings, Musicians Demand Rules to Resume Concerts

Coldplay Live in Concert in Bangkok Thailand in 2017

Pubs have live music. Football stadiums soon will have fans. And Thailand has three months without a local coronavirus case. So musicians are demanding to know when the government will allow concerts again.

Music artists and entertainment industry executives on Thursday submitted a petition asking for guidelines to stage concerts and when they can happen.

Aree Krainara, vice chairman of Parliament’s Committee on Administration received the petition from the Entertainment Network Confederation of Thailand led by Kathawut Thongthai, better known as Khai Maleehuana.

The petition asks the committee to organize a meeting with the Interior Ministry to discuss the guidelines for concerts nationwide.Such rules will help organizers maintain the same standards at every concert.

The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration has allowed the resumption of business and activities, including concerts, pubs and bars, but the lack of disease-control standards have not been set for events that, by nature, bring together large numbers of people who sing, shout and spray everywhere aerosol droplets that could carry the coronavirus.

Those lack of standards led to recent concerts by a teen idol where fans didn’t wear masks and led to the emergency coronavirus testing of thousands.

Kathawut said the committee will call the meeting with the ministry and related units for the information of provincial governors nationwide.

They will bring back confidence to those involved. The organizers have strictly followed measures set by the CCSA and the Ministry of the Interior, but in practice, many aspects are still up to the provincial governors’ discretion.

The confederation would like the different sides to establish guidelines for everyone involved to follow.