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Lisa ❤️ Pork Balls; So Now All Thais Do Too

Lalisa Lisa Manobal Blackpink Burram Pork Balls Festival K-Pop

The popularity of Thailand’s No. 1 K-Pop export Lalisa “Lisa” Manobal is driving demand for her music, traditional headdresses and pork balls.

Customers this weekend flocked to a Buri Ram market where Lisa said she loves and misses the pork meatballs.

The skewers’ overwhelming popularity has even influenced the province’s annual Pork Ball Festival, which feature a thank you message to the Blackpink singer, dancer and rapper, for making the local street menu so well-known across the world.

Buri Ram Province kicked off this year’s local pork ball festival this wekeend, featuring the sale of meatballs from various sellers and a pork-ball eating contest.

This year’s festival is held with social distancing measures strictly enforced. Customers are not allowed to have food from the street menu served on the spot, but must order the pork balls as a takeaway for home consumption only.

The sale of the local pork balls is also available online this year, with special promotions and discounts offered both at the venue and on the event’s Facebook page.

The pork ball eating contest allows competitive eaters to compete with last year’s champion, aiming to set a new record. Separate contests are held offering male and female categories.

The opening ceremony of the event yesterday, featured a thank you message to Lalisa, who was born in Buriram province, and has helped make the regional delicacy even more popular.

Her interview in a local talk show program helped boost the sale of pork balls in Buriram, as the K-Pop star said she missed the province and the local pork ball stalls.

Following the interview, fans of Lisa started traveling to Buri Ram province, bringing many visitors to join the pork ball festival, and bringing energy back to the province, where things had become quiet due to the pandemic.

Interest in Buriram’s pork ball specialty, has also grown among the singer’s international fans, with orders for pork balls now pouring in from Australia, the United States, and South Korea.