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No Gouging Taxis, Go-Go Bars in Monopoly: Phuket Edition

Monopoly Phuket Edition Hasbro Board Game Thailand

Now you can buy overpriced condos, charge rent for Bangla Road ladyboy bars and send foreigners to jail for riding electric scooters in Monopoly’s Phuket Edition.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand unveiled the Thailand-customized version of the Hasbro board game made under an official license on Tuesday.

Prominent landmarks and attractions include Promthep Cape (on the game’s most prestigious square, Mayfair), Kata Beach, Chao Fah Variety Market (or Naka Market), Old Town Phuket and renowned diving spot Coral Island.

The go-go bars of Bangla Road are not included. And there are no swindling taxis.

“The development of Monopoly: Phuket Edition has been a fun project and creative way to showcase one of Thailand’s much-loved beach destinations. It is an exciting opportunity for TAT to highlight the variety the island offers from accommodation and attractions to beaches and shopping, especially as travel to Thailand resumes,” said Sadudee Sangnil, Director of TAT’s London office.

During the game’s official launch at Central Phuket March 19, a giant 5×5-meter version of the game was on put display for shoppers to explore and “Mr. Monopoly” himself travelled to Thailand especially for the event and later enjoyed some sightseeing around the island.

Monopoly: Phuket Edition is available at numerous stores and venues in Phuket.