After nearly disappearing, Hoon Lakorn Lek, a traditional Thai puppet play, has been revived by a passionate performance group that prompted other groups to rise successively to preserve the art form.

As most of these shows were held in Khlong Bang Luang Floating Market, it is now defined as one of Thailand’s Learning Museum.

The traditional Thai puppet show “Hon Lakorn Lake”, which Srut Chantalawanmaran and his colleagues have put on for free about 10 years ago at Khlong Bang Luang Floating Market, was well-received by all visitors who managed to watch this rare show up close.

Also, the group opened cost-free classes to teach children of Bang Luang canal this art and gave the name “Son of Vayu” to pupils interested in learning.

The group aimed to give presentations every weekend for free in and outside the neighborhood whatever the cost.

To uphold Hoon Lakorn Lek, Sarawut’s vision was to raise a generation that holds a love for performing arts, so they can pass on their passion for others.

Forty years ago, following World War II, Jo Louis’ grandfather, or Sakorn Yang-Keawsot, resurrected the art and it started to take place in the country once again.

Meanwhile, the Son of Vayu puppeteers voiced happiness for joining the group, saying that they were influenced by family members who were supportive.

“I was part of the Kamnai group which once performed here at the Bang Luang canal. Back then, we had 12 members which were instructors. But due to the Covid pandemic, everyone started to find a job to feed their families,” said Sarawut Chantalawanmarn.

“One day, a parent called me and asked whether I would abandon the kids if I quit. So, I called all the kids back and discussed if they still wanted to perform. They agreed, then I gathered them back and set up a group.”