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Pattaya Water Park Adds $2 Million Filter System to Protect Against Virus

Ramayana Water Park Thailand Pattaya

Ramayana Water Park spent 60 million baht on a new water-filtration system to reassure customers they aren’t sliding into a pool of coronavirus.

Spokesman Natthaphon Thamsombat said Saturday that the park reopened for weekends and holidays on July 1, but is limiting capacity to 50 percent, or about 3,500 people a day. As expected, temperature scans and masks are required, except while swimming.

Ramayana management was worried, however, that people would be afraid to return for fear that the coronavirus could be spread through the copious amounts of water there.

Ramayana Water Park Thailand Pattaya

So, during its shutdown, Ramayana installed a new, US$2 million filtration system imported from the United States. Once treated, the water would be of drinking quality but, of course, Ramayana then doses it was heavy amounts of chlorine which, the park said, kills 90 percent of all viruses in short order.

To lure Thai customers back, Ramayana is offering free entry to seniors 60 and older through the end of September and free entry to medical personnel with identification until the end of the year.

THe park is open weekends and holidays 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.