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Sharp Turn May Have Sent Tangmo Overboard, Investigation Finds

Nida “Tangmo” Patcharaveerapong Boat Drowning Bangkok Chao Phraya River Thailand

Actress Nida “Tangmo” Patcharaveerapong might have fallen overboard when her speedboat made a sharp turn, according to police who also found a scratch and bruise on her boat companion.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Jiraphat Phumjit, commissioner of the Provincial Police Region 1, told a news conference Tuesday that accounts from suspects and witnesses, including fishermen on a bank of the Chao Phraya River, as well as a record from a global positioning system indicated that the speedboat traveled quickly, then slowed down near the spot where Tangmo fell overboard and made a quick U-turn.

Police had yet to determine if Tangmo fell accidentally or plunged into the river at the moment of the U-turn.

Police still had two suspects as existing evidence did not point to another. Other people in the tragic incident remained witnesses although their accounts did not completely convince police.

Pol. Col. Napaphat Natthasumon, the doctor who conducted an autopsy on Tangmo, said her boat companion Nitas “Job” Keeratisuthisathorn had on his arm a long scratch that was almost a week old.

The period was approximately at the time of the incident in the Chao Phraya River. The scratch did not result from a struggle but police could not determine its cause.

Nitas also had a bruise under his armpit and it was caused by the impact of a hard object, she said.