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Thai Tourism Minister Scrapes Egg Off Face After Lisa Snubs Him for New Year’s

Lalisa ‘Lisa’ Manoban Laughing Screaming Yelling ANgry

Thailand once again embarrassed itself on the world stage as K-pop star Lalisa ‘Lisa’ Manoban said she won’t be attending any new year’s concerts in Thailand after the government publicly assumed she would.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports said early this week that it would request 100-million-baht to pay the Blackpink singer and opera singer Andrea Bocelli to perform at this year’s Phuket countdown event.

Only problem? Tourism Minister Pipat Ratchakitprakarn never bothered to check if she was available.

She wasn’t.

YG Entertainment, the agency for the Thai-born star, released a statement sating that Manoban would, in fact, not be attending after Thai media said she would be.

A crushed and red-faced Pipat had to stand up before the media Friday and confess she had already been booked for a New Year’s gig and would not cancel it.

“There should not be any confusion,” YG said.

Pipat’s desire to drop 100 million on the trendy rapper and an opera singer no one in her fanbase would even know drew scorn and laughter, with wide swaths of the public questioning why, with so many Thais hurting from this year’s lockdown, was the government throwing away money on two millionaires.

Surely there were hungry Thai artists at home that would be happy to play, for less at that.