WATCH: ‘Lalisa’ Video Hits 64 Million Views in 20 Hours, Giving World Audience a ‘Thai Vibe’

Blackpink's Lisa sets Thai hearts aflutter by appearing in 1st solo video wearing an hand-made traditional Thai silk dress

Thailand’s K-Pop sensation Lalisa Manoban first solo venture outside mega girl group Blackpink ran up 64 million views on YouTube in its first 20 hours online, showcasing Thai culture in an English-language hip-hop video.

Entitled “Lalisa”, the video rang up 10 million views in just its first two hours and catapulted to the No. 1 song on the Spotify Thailand streaming service.

Even before the four-song EP was released – the other tune appropriate titled “Money” with instrumental versions of both – 24-year-old Lalisa said it was hard to believe she was finally on stage alone, away from her South Korean “sisters” who adopted her.

Already an idol to Thai teens and twentysomethings, Lalisa set Thai hearts aflutter by appearing in the video wearing an elaborate, traditional Thai dress. She said it was to give her half-rapped, half-sung ditty a “Thai vibe”.

The dress is the work of Thai designer “ASAVA”, who posted on Instagram that the costume was designed exclusively for Manoban in golden Thai-made brocade silk, intricately woven in metal-threaded ancient patterns sourced from Lamphun Province in the North.

The dress was embellished with Swarovski crystals and hand-embroidered throughout.

The EP was released four days before the video and had already sold 700,000 copies, a record for a K-Pop female artist. Streaming numbers were not available.

Lisa is the third Blackpink member to put out solo records. Jennie released “Solo” and Rose released “On the Ground” and “Gone”, which were all hugely successful.

Lalisa was born in the Buri Ram Province and entered several dance contests as a girl.