WATCH: Thai Beauty Contest Loser Throws Wobbler, Ending Pageant in Scandal

Southern Thailand’s biggest beauty pageant ended in hysterics and scandal after a losing contestant hijacked the ceremony and accused the judges of fixing the outcome.

Oraphan Na Chiang Mai, a long-legged northern pageant, grabbed the microphone and stormed up the catwalk in her pink gown with hip-high slit, screaming to see the scores after she and four other women were eliminated from the semifinals of the Miss Samila pageant in Songkhla.

“We’ve been on the pageant circuit for a while; we know when we lose and when we win,” Oraphan said, speaking for the other four women eliminated after the question-and-answer round. “We know when we answer well and when we don’t. We know when we don’t deserve to go through to the next round.

“We can gracefully accept defeat, but tonight there is no justice!” she yelled before the judges cut the sound from the 24-year-old’s microphone.

Oraphan was one of 10 of 49 women who had advanced to the semi-final Q&A round and had been asked, ”if the world ended and you got to choose who would populate the new planet, who would you choose, and why? Would you be in that group?”

The judges apparently didn’t think much of her choice of end-of-the-world friends and booted her from the contest. She then accused them of predetermining the winner and demanded to see their score sheets. They refused.

The Sept. 2 Miss Samila pageant was part of the annual Food from Two Seas fair near Samila beach in Songkhla Province. Up for grabs with the crown and sash was a good-night’s take-home pay of 200,000 baht.

Unfortunately for the judges and contest organizer, the crowd was with tall and fair-skinned Oraphan and, after whispering among themselves, they decided the best thing to do was end the pageant with no winner and divvy up the 200-grand among the 10 semi-finalists.

That didn’t sit well with fans, either, who complained it provide there had been match-fixing compounded by a cover-up. Netizens were equally pissed, saying the pageant had been famous and respected, but no one would ever stroll down its catwalk again.