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Sea Turtle Eggs Found on Trang Island for First Time in Decade

Green Sea Turtle Eggs found on Thailand Libong Island first time in 10 years

Villagers and local officials on Libong Island in Trang Province were delighted Monday to discover sea turtles were laying eggs there again for the first time in 10 years.

Officials carefully moved 80 eggs from nests on Ao Ma Dam Beach in Pak Khlong Chak of Koh Libong Subdistrict to a safer area to prevent them being damaged by high tides. The eggs take about 50 days to hatch.

The Libong Islands Non-Hunting Area officers were informed of the discovery of traces of sea turtles who were likely to lay eggs. They inspected the tracks and dug into the ground until the eggs were found.

Villagers and officials in Kantang District said they are delighted by the discovery. The inspection found that they are green turtle eggs.

Chaiyaphruek Weerawong, head of the Libong Islands Non-Hunting Area, said this was the first time in 10 years that sea turtle eggs have been discovered on Libong Island. There were previously three sea turtle nests found on Libong island, but all the eggs were eaten by reptiles.

The third nest is intact. The authorities will set up a fence around the site, which will be monitored around the clock to during the incubation period. This reflects the increased success of Trang’s sea and nature restoration.