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Coronavirus Fears Bleeding Thai Blood Banks Dry

Blood donation Thailland Thai Red Cross Society

The re-emergence of Covid-19 has put a strain on Thailand blood supplies as members of the public fearful of the coronavirus avoiding hospitals to donate.

The Thai Red Cross Society said blood banks nationwide are running low and urged people to donate so there’s sufficient supply for everyone who needs it.

Donation facilities have all implemented stringent measures to ensure donors’ safety, the Red Cross said.

All visitors are required to report their travel history at the screening checkpoint before entering the facility. At the blood-pressure station, donors will be asked to wear a plastic sleeve on their arm before putting it into a blood pressure monitor.

Other facilities including blood donor beds, chairs and more are disinfected many times during the day.

Meanwhile, some regular donors have claimed that they are not afraid of the coronavirus because they always protect themselves by wearing a face mask and washing their hands frequently.

They added that the facility has established measures that ensure the safety of everyone, meaning those who come to donate blood are protected, and play an important role because there are many patients who are in need of blood.

According to the Thai Red Cross Society, more than 340 hospitals lack blood in sufficient quantities. However, the Thai Red Cross Society cannot provide enough blood to meet the demand as regular donors have been coming in less often than usual due to the pandemic. This has reduced daily blood donations to only 700 – 900 units, while daily demand requires 2,200 units.

The Thai Red Cross Society then kindly invited members of the public to help restore the blood stocks and save lives.

For more information please dial 1664 or visit the Thai Red Cross website.