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No, a Thai Man High on Pot Did Not Cut Off His Own Penis

Thai media runs marijuana conspiracy-theory faction as fact

cut sausage off penis knife scissors

A Thai man smoking newly decriminalized marijuana cuts off his own penis is a fit of cannabis psychosis. It’s a story Thailand’s anti-pot crusaders would tout as proof that ganja is an evil weed and one the prime minister could use as evidence grass causes “health issues”.

Only problem? It’s not true.

Thai-language media outlets will never be confused with Pulitzer-quality publications, but Sanook hit a new low on Tuesday, reprinting fiction from a conspiracy-theory website as fact, without informing readers of the content’s source.

The alleged story, published in IFL Science, goes like this:

A 23-year-old Thai man who had kicked marijuana after two years of use fell off the wagon and fired up the bong again – in January, before grass was legal – smoking two grams of grass.

While high, he experienced an erection even though he wasn’t looking at PornHub. The hard-on, however, hurt and made his member look “distorted”, IFL wrote, citing a report in the “Journal of Medical Case Reports”.

Off his head on ganja, the man decided the best way to relieve the pain would be to “trim the penile skin several times”, but he ended up amputating his penis using scissors, leaving only two centimeters.

Obviously, there was some bleeding. But when the bleeding didn’t stop for two hours, the man decided to go to the hospital, detached dick in hand. Doctors were able to stop the bleeding, but couldn’t reattach the penis, because it was “infested with ants”.

IFL wrapped up its fairy tale by saying the man was given a toxicology test and mental-health evaluation and found he had only used marijuana and had no history of mental problems.

Bottom line: Pot is bad.

The website that Sanook reprinted, IFL Science, is not news. It’s an Onion-like blog claiming to highlight the “lighter side of science,” as in light on truth and fact. It’s all about conspiracy theories, folklore and clickbait, such as a supposed new gonorrhea strain in Austria, Hercules’ missing marble head found on a 2,000-year-old shipwreck and “summer penis” syndrome.

Of course, Sanook never had a chance to interview the new penoplasty candidate. IFL claimed he turned down penile-extension surgery, packed up his car and fled into the countryside, never to be seen again.