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Thai Men Come Up Short in World Penis-Size Rankings

Thai members 7th smallest in world in survey by UK clinic

Thai men have the seventh-smallest penises in the world, according to a survey by British online clinic From Mars.

While Thai males long has been the punch line for manhood jokes, they can take solace that their rivals in Cambodia were found to be the least hung boys in the survey, measuring an average of only 3.95 inches (10 centimeters).

Thai guys, by contrast, can boast they’ve got 4.51 inches, on average, the fifth-biggest in Southeast Asia behind those swinging dudes in Indonesia 4.59 inches, Singapore (4.54 in.), Malaysia and Vietnam (4.52 in.) but ahead of the Philippines (4.27 inches) and Cambodia.

The data was collected from the World Population Review to derive figures for average erect penis size from 86 countries. The clinic also used Google search data from 2021.

Pharmacist Navin Khosla, who conducted the study, said the study relied on self-reported data so some respondents might be generous with measurements. However, it still gives a basic idea of average sizes around the world.

According to the survey, men in these countries were the world’s biggest dicks:

  1. Ecuador 6.93 in.
  2. Cameroon 6.56 in.
  3. Bolivia 6.50 in.
  4. Sudan 6.48 in.
  5. Haiti 6.30 in.
  6. Senegal 6.26 in.
  7. (Tie) Gambia, Cuba and Netherlands 6.25 inches
  8. Zambia 6.21 in.

On the other hand, males in these countries are buying the smallest condoms:

  1. Cambodia 3.95 in.
  2. Taiwan 4.24 in.
  3. Philippines 4.27 in.
  4. Sri Lanka 4.29 in.
  5. (Tie) Hong Kong and Bangladesh 4.41 in.
  6. Thailand 4.51 in.
  7. (Tie) Vietnam and Malaysia 4.52 in.
  8. Singapore 4.54 in.

Khosla reassured those with puny peckers that size really doesn’t matter, although he admitted that “most of us have wondered at some point or another whether ours is big enough.”

But, really, Khosla said, “the truth is, the owner of the penis is far more likely to be worried about the size of their penis than their sexual partners are.”