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Lumpini-Benjakitti Park Walkways, Bike Trail Set for September Completion

Benjakitti Lumpini Park Walkway Bangkok Thailand

City Hall said a pedestrian and cycling path connecting two popular public parks would be completed later this year, making it easier for people to go about their daily activities.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration said last week that renovations to the so-called “green bridge”, connecting Lumpini and Benjakitti parks, will begin this month and be completed in time for residents to enjoy it in September.

The 1.6-kilometer-long boardwalk, built in 1999 to connect the two parks and offer bicycle access along the route, was constructed to connect the two popular Bangkok parks.

According to the BMA’s statement, an elevated park, enhanced cycling and running lanes, as well as areas dedicated to various activities, will be constructed over the course of the transformation. The facilities will serve as new landmarks for the capital, providing residents with an ideal location to visit and relax with friends and family.

According to an official announcement from the municipal council, the project’s budget has been set at 260 million baht.