Dashcam Video Catches Injury-Payout Scammer Jumping in Front of Car

A Hat Yai man who intentionally walked in front of a moving car had his dreams of a injury-compensation windfall thwarted by dashcam video.

The unidentified man can be seen watching for a slow-moving car before darting out in front of it, looking at the driver and then getting knocked down.

After honking, the unphased driver got out of the car and told the fraudster the gig was up. His scam was caught on video Saturday, clearly showing it was a setup.

The “victim”, however, didn’t move, hoping to draw a crowd that never materialized. Finally, he gets up and points to his already-bandaged head, claiming he’s hurt.

The driver gets back in his car swearing under his breath and drives off.

Posted to Facebook Sunday, the video went viral with other Hat Yai drivers saying they’d been had the same thing happened and warned motorists not to fall for it.