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Firm at 11: Thai Gov’t Broadcaster’s Twitter Hacked with Penis Pic

THailand NBT National Broadcasting Television Hacked Twitter Dick Pic-4

The Twitter feed for Thailand’s government broadcaster normally is pretty sleepy, so when @NBTWorldNews retweeted a photo of a fully erect penis on Thursday, it brought netizens to attention.

Shortly before 5 o’clock, as NBT was putting everyone to sleep with propaganda about the virtues of Thailand’s soon-to-be-imposed 300-baht tourist fee and phone numbers for Covid-19 patients to call to get themselves put in quarantine jail was the Feb. 17 tweet from @Littlebtmm showing a nude man with the Photoshopped face of actor Panupan ‘Japan’ Jantanawong looking as if he swallowed a box of Viagra.

“Someone is about to get fired,” Bangkok Twitterati @SteveB135 quickly responded. “Really?” was all a shocked @JamesGoyder could manage.

The NBT social media guru whose obviously flimsy password was hacked quickly got deleted the image. The male model switched his account to “private”.

It took NBT four hours to respond to the embarrassing engorgement, tweeting at 8:41 p.m. an apology for the “racy content”.

“Our account was hacked, system is now back to normal,” the tweet read. “It was never our intention to publish any inappropriate content.”

Government mouthpiece watchers can rest easy now, because Thailand’s government IT folks – who have such a sparkling record when it comes to privacy-invading apps, broken websites, hacks and data leaks – are on the job. NBT said “we now have our cyber security reinstalled & this should prevent future hacking & cyber-criminal activities on our account.”