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Thailand Jumps Into World Top 10 for Expats, But Still Among Worst Places to Work

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Thailand is now a Top 10 favorite destination for expats according to a new survey by InterNations.

The Berlin company’s Expat Insider 2022 surveyed expats in 52 countries, obtaining online responses from nearly 12,000 of InterNations’ four million members.

Expats were asked about quality of life, ease of transitioning, working and personal finance.

Thailand placed fourth in best place for personal finance and 11th in ease of settling. The quality of life score, however, was 35th of 52. It ranked even worse as a place to work: 45th.

Overall, 77% of Thailand expats say they are happy with their life here, compared with 71% globally.

Thailand ranked 14th in 2021 and 25th out of 64 countries in 2019.

Where are the best places for expats to live? In order, Mexico, Indonesia and Taiwan. The rest of the Top 10 are, in order, Portugal, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and Singapore.

The worst places for expat? Kuwait, New Zealand and Hong Kong, all because of their high living costs.

Cheap Charlies obviously love Thailand. About 85% of Thailand expats said they had more than enough money to live comfortably, vs. 72% globally. The country ranks third on the best cost of living and first for the best-value housing.

Expats in Thailand, however, graded the country’s digital acumen poorly, saying there are few services usable online, with government bureaucrats requiring a small forest of paper for everything.

Thailand’s overall score was dragged down by its poor conditions for foreign workers. Our of 52 countries, Thailand ranked 48th for work culture and satisfaction, with poor grades for creativity and independence.

The country also ranks in the bottom 10 for both salary and job security.

The full report can be downloaded here.