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AirAsia, TAT Launch Campaign to Attract Singaporean Millennials to Thailand

An AirAsia plane is parked on the tarmac at terminal 1 at Changi international airport in Singapore on December 29, 2014.
An AirAsia plane is parked on the tarmac at terminal 1 at Changi international airport in Singapore on December 29, 2014.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand and Thai AirAsia are launching the “Amazing New Chapter: Rediscover Thailand” campaign which is aimed at millennials and young couples from Singapore.

The campaign was official announced in Singapore May 11 by Tanes Petsuwan, TAT deputy governor for international marketing – Asia and South Pacific, and Santisuk Klongchaiya, Thai AirAsia’s CEO.

“With various factors supporting the return of tourism to Thailand, among them the relaxing of entry requirements to the kingdom, easing of travel restrictions in source markets worldwide and resumption of commercial flights, this is a great opportunity to stimulate travelers’ decision-making,” Tanes said. “This latest marketing campaign is expected to have a positive effect on the Thai tourism industry in the second half of this year.”

Singapore is a key visitor source market for Thailand, and the “Amazing New Chapter: Rediscover Thailand” campaign is among the various joint promotional marketing activities the TAT Singapore office is working on.

The campaign utilizes Thai AirAsia’s Singapore-Don Mueang Interantional Airport and Singapore-Phuket routes, and is for travel in May-July. It is expected to see millennials and young couples booking more than 3,000 seats to Thailand.

TAT Singapore also organized a media trip to Thailand from May 12-15 to promote the Singapore-Don Mueang route, new tourist attractions and activities, as well as tourism-related facilities and offers.

“Thai AirAsia is ready to help stimulate tourism and travel to Thailand, and in addition to the existing Don Mueang and Phuket routes, we are considering adding a Singapore-Chiang Mai route,” Santisuk said.

Thai AirAsia currently operates a daily flight on the Singapore-Don Mueang route, and two weekly flights on the Singapore-Phuket route on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

For 2022, TAT expects Thailand to welcome 10 million foreign tourist arrivals, generating 625.8 billion baht in tourism revenue. Of these, the number of arrivals from short-haul markets are expected to include 1.1 million arrivals from Southeast Asia, 200,000 arrivals from Australia and 450,000 arrivals from India and South Asia.

From May 1-6 May, Thailand has recorded more than 85,000 foreign tourists – or about 15,000 travelers a day. Among these, Singapore was the third top market, after India and Malaysia and ahead of the United Kingdom and United States.