WATCH: Emerald Caves, Crystal Seas Await Winter Travelers to Trang

Let’s head south, specifically to Trang Province, where many people from around the country go to enjoy beautiful scenery and natural attractions.

The first place is the famous Koh Muk and its Emerald cave. Tourists enter the cave by following ropes through a dark entrance that is almost filled with water. Tourists say it is remarkable to see such a fascinating gem of nature; one that is famous not only among Thais but with travelers worldwide.

The seawater is crystal clear, while the weather is not too hot, and the wind is a welcome breeze; the beach inside the cave is stunning.

Meanwhile, coral reef diving near Koh Chuek is also an exciting pastime for visitors, and surprising too, as divers unexpectedly witness groups of giant squid swimming close to them.

Squid can also be found near other islands as this time of year, which is the breeding season for fully grown squid.

At the same time at Hat Pak Meng pier in Si Kao สิเกา district, officers insist that every tourist is wearing a life jacket when they board the boats.

Tour operators are benefitting from this tourism boom as they can sell one-day tours that take Thai tourists to top locations in this beautiful area.