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Yala Kids Delight as ‘Dinosaurs’ Walk Earth Again

The dinosaurs are marching in Yala, much to the delight of young children in the southern province.

Jurassic on Tour at Sanam Rong Phithee Changphueak was lively over the recent holiday weekend with large numbers of Yala parents taking their children to see the virtual dinosaur puppet show.

The animatronic dinosaurs are as big as the real ones were. They can move, roar and walk. Children learn about dinosaur species. The organizers of the exhibit have created 21 dinosaur figures including both large and small herbivorous and carnivorous reptiles.

The children really enjoy the activity, have lots of fun and are very excited. They also love to take pictures with the dinos.

Yala parents say they want to have many more such activities for their children, so that Yala City is not too quiet and Yala people are happy and interested in community life.