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Covid-19 Belts Thai National Karate Team

Thailand National karate team

Eighteen karate athletes, coaching staff and executives of the Thailand Karate Federation tested positive for Covid-19 after returning from the Asian Karate Championships in Kazakhstan.

Head coach Yanisa Torrattanawathana said the infected people included 13 athletes who now are quarantined at a local hotel. They only had fevers and did not need hospitalization.

The entire delegation had been fully vaccinated but the host country and the Asian Karate Federation compromised disease controls. The tournament lasted nearly 10 days but participants underwent only one antigen test, upon arrival, the coach said.

Besides, the practice facility of the tournament was poorly ventilated.

Athletes from other countries including Japan, South Korea, India and Iran were also infected with Covid-19, Yanisa said.

The infected Thai delegation was waiting to see if they contracted the omicron variant.